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Years spent hunched over patients damages your neck and spine. Cicada Medical’s Dental loupes with light combat common working posture issues, keeping you pain-free throughout your career.

Find here Dental burs manufacturers‘ details, Cicada Medical was focused only on dental loupes, orascoptic loupes, etc light solutions dental.

Cicada Medical supplies the industry’s best-selling brands of dental loupes to meet the needs of your dentist magnifying glasses. 

Cicada Medical dental loupes manufacturers provide you the products- High resolution optics lens,Long working distance and clear field of view,Anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistance.

Most dentists use loupes to help them perform complex dental services that require more accuracy than the naked eye can provide. Cicada Medical CICADA Medical is leading dentist’s light supplier in China, provide services in India, the Middle East, UAE, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, and globally.

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CICADA dental loupes do not just enhance your vision, it likewise helps you maintain a healthier eyesight. Another reason why dentists should wear dental loupes is that they improve your visual acuity. Better vision and proper magnification allow you to easily see more intricate details of the oral cavity.

2.5x loupe that is specifically designed for dentists, dental hygienists and assistants. Superior Optic Quality and this is a professional level of loupe. 360-460mm (14.2″-18″) working distance is overall the best choice for dentists.

Despite its awkward and robotic effect on the physical look of the wearer, many dentists still choose to use them. There are many reasons why dentists should wear magnification devices such as the loupes.

Cicada Medical is China’s only dental loupes manufacturer. We provide the best light solutions dental at the best price. Our loupes dental light are designed, manufactured, and finished here at Cicada Medical. Our patented design ensures a fast, smooth, vibration-free performance; reducing patient discomfort as well as operating time. All our dentist’s light are built for optimum strength, performance, and durability. As an industry leader, Cicada Medical is constantly pushing the limits to provide doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals with the latest products that achieve superior visualization through enhanced ergonomics, improved magnification, and better illumination. Our collection of surgical loupes, dental loupes, and hygiene loupes offer extraordinary visual clarity throughout the entire viewing field, while also providing excellent field width and depth. Paired with a surgical or dental headlight, one can pinpoint the operating area with the exact amount of light and magnification needed to achieve improved procedural outcomes. Experience the Cicada Medical difference today!

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Cicada Medical- a progressive group, recognized as the pioneer and well established name in China market place offers widest range of International Dental Equipments with global standards.

Equipped with high standard R&D center and the latest precision equipment originated from Germany, Japan and South Korea.

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