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Cicada Medical’s Low Speed Handpieces and attachments are designed to provide optimal, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of applications for both laboratory and operatory use. All handpieces, motors, and nose cones have been manufactured in the China to deliver

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Low-speed dental handpieces can range in rpms from 100 to 140,000. Features vary between manufactures such as burr attachment, air/water nozzles, construction material, angle design and handpiece weight. It is important to choose a vendor that employs high quality construction materials for their low-speed dental handpieces.

This will ensure that the handpieces hold up during autoclaving and sterilization. There are also lube-free low-speed dental handpieces available. Some low-speed dental handpieces also provide a lighting option; this can allow greater clarity and vision inside the mouth. Many dental low-speed handpieces employ high torque to give the necessary power at a lower speed.

In a galaxy of dental handpieces, CICADA has been burning brightly for over 10 years. With a constellation of firsts. CICADA has introduced strong, lightweight materials that increase a doctor’s agility and cutting power while considering the patient’s comfort. We offer multiple low speed dental handpieces sure to meet the varied needs of a modern dental practice.

CICADA Medical provides a wide range of dental equipment online, such as dental handpiece, dental curing light, dental scaler and dental lab equipment etc. we are so pleased to inform you that we offer free shipping and 100% satisfied return and refund policy for your dental equipment shopping. As a main export supplier of dental equipment, we devote ourselves to serve dentists, dental labs and clinics all over the world.

Types of Dental handpiece

  • Contra-Angle Dental Handpieces

This type of handpiece features angular bends applied into the design of the instrument’s shaft. As it is designed to be maneuverable, it is used when operating hard to reach areas of the mouth during dental procedures.

  • High-Speed Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces that can clock up to 800,000 rpm is categorized as a high-speed or ultra-speed dental handpiece. This type of dental handpiece utilizes a water spray, which is located on the head of the device. This helps keep the motor cool during use and prevent the instrument from overheating. Some models even feature fiber-optic laser light which helps improve the overall precision and accuracy of the dentist during complex dental procedures.

  • Low-Speed Dental Handpieces

Similar to the high-speed dental handpiece, the low-speed variation is pretty self-explanatory as to its main feature. This type of dental handpiece can generate a maximum steady output of 10,000 rpm, with 6,000 rpm being the lowest. This dental handpiece is primarily used when polishing or applying the finishing touches to a dental operation.

Low-Speed Handpieces. Low-speed handpieces are either air or electric powered and are used to prepare and remove cavities, thoroughly clean and polish teeth or remove resin without damaging or harming the tooth. Most slow speed dental handpieces operate at around 20,000 RPMs. 

In using examples of the air driven dental handpieces, you will find that most have operational speeds as low as 250,000 rpm and as high as 420,000. Electric handpieces typically have speeds of about 200,000 rpm.

Hygienist handpieces and low speeds used for prophylaxis generally operate at 5,000 RPM. Endodontic and implant procedures use attachments to reduce the speed to 1,500 rpm or less and generate very high levels of torque for optimal control.

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