Gutta Percha Obturation System

Dental gutta percha obturation system is used to inject the molten gum into the root canal. Doctors love it because it fills the root canal quickly and thoroughly.CICADA Medcial is one of the leading dental gutta percha obturation system manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to wholesale bulk dental gutta percha obturation system at competitive price from our factory.

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Gutta Percha Obturation System Manufacturers

Best Gutta Percha Obturation System With Better Price

A Dental Gutta Percha Obturation System is used to inject molten gum into the root canal. It’s a favorite among doctors because it fills the root canal quickly and thoroughly.

Features of Gutta Percha Obturation System

  • More efficient, safer, faster, and more complete root canal filling system.
  • Fast and accurate filling.
  • Three-dimensional filling makes the root canal more sealed.
  • Flexible filling method.
  • Perfect apex control and complete filling of the entire root canal (including filling of root canal branches).
  • Two-in-one system makes filling easier and more convenient.
  • Compressible tooth gel makes the filling compact.
  • Digital display of temperature adjustment makes temperature adjustment more convenient.
  • Compressed gum tips are more compact.
  • Friendly operation interface design.
  • The machine is more compact and more ergonomic.
  • The technology is simple and easy to learn.

Instructions of Gutta Percha Obturation System

  1. Select the heating pen tip, the taper of the heating pen tip is the same as that of the main tooth tip. The heating pen tip is placed at a locking point in the root canal, and the locking point is about 5 mm away from the physiological root tip hole. Adjust the rubber tip of the heating pen tip to the highest reference point on the maxillofacial surface. The heating pen tip can be slightly pre-bent to adapt to the curved root canal.
  2. Dry the root canal, cut the tip of the main tooth gum tip with a working length of 0.5mm, and apply a thin layer of root canal sealant to the root canal wall.
  3. Use a heated pen tip to burn off the gum tip at the root canal mouth.
  4. Use a large vertical pressurizer to pressurize the root canal to the root.
  5. Place the tip of the heating pen on the gum tip of the root canal, touch the heating switch, and pressurize the root at the same time. Press the tip of the heating pen to 3mm~4mm above the locking point, release the heating switch, stop heating for 10 seconds and take it out in 1 second.
  6. Continue to apply pressure to the root, press the heating pen tip to 1mm from the locking point.
  7. Continue to pressurize for 10 seconds to prevent shrinkage of the gum when it becomes hot and cold.
  8. While continuing to pressurize the root, touch the heating switch for 1 second, release the heating switch, and after a pause of 1 second, quickly pull out the tip of the heating pen out of the root canal. (Note: Two-thirds of the gum in the root canal will be taken out of the root canal by the heated pen tip)
  9. After pulling out the heating nib, use a vertical press to quickly compact the gum at the apex.
  10. Fill the root tip 1/3, then use a heat gun to inject glue to fill the back 2/3 of the root canal.
  11. Insert the dental glue injection needle into the root canal, and make the dental glue injection needle contact with the dental glue at 1/3 of the root apex.
  12. Inject dental glue under pressure. Move slowly to the crown and maintain the reverse thrust to help prevent the formation of bubbles. Every time a certain amount of tooth gum is injected, it is immediately compacted with a suitable vertical pressurizer, and finally the tooth gum is injected and filled into the root canal mouth, and the tooth gum is injected into the root canal mouth, and immediately a large vertical pressurizer is used in the Compacted.

CICADA Medical is one of the leading dental gutta percha obturation systemmanufacturers and suppliers in China. We invite you to explore the benefits of our high-quality dental gutta percha obturation systems, competitively priced and designed with your needs in mind.

Key Features

  • Material: Titanium coated surface
  • Bearing: Ceramic bearing
  • Spray: Inner water spray
  • Holes: Available in 2 holes and 4 holes variants

Advantages of Our Internal Water Low Speed Dental Handpiece:

  • The air motor, adopting EU techniques, allows for precise control of torque and speed.
  • Resistant to liquid and can be sterilized repeatedly.
  • Ceramic bearing ensures easy maintenance and a long lifetime.
  • Speed range of 500-20,000rpm, with forward and reverse rotation capabilities.
  • Free rotation of the handpiece brings the best working comfort due to the use of flexible and light rotating.

Technical Parameters of Our Internal Water Low Speed Dental Handpiece:

  • Contra angle handpiece: Maximum speed of 30,000rpm; Push button type chucking and locking system; Internal water spray and with reverse stop valve
  • Straight Handpiece: Ratio of 1:1; Maximum speed of 40,000rpm
  • Air motor: E type connector; Non-retraction valve

Cleaning and Maintenance

The dental handpiece should be cleaned and disinfected immediately after each use. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Remove the dental handpiece from the air motor and take out the diamond bur.
  2. Brush the surface of the dental handpiece and diamond bur with a soft brush, then dip it in alcohol with gauze or a cotton ball to clean the handpiece and air motor.
  3. Wipe the dental handpiece and air motor up and down with gauze or paper towels.

As a leading Internal Water Spray Handpiece supplier in China, CICADA Medical provides services in India, the Middle East, UAE, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, and globally. We are committed to delivering the best dental equipment to our customers. For more information on our products, please visit our dental supply distributor page.

Gutta Percha Obturation System, The full name hot melt tooth gum filling system is an instrument that injects softened and molten tooth gum into the root canal after heating to replace the traditional cold side pressure filling. Because it can quickly and accurately and dense three-dimensional root canal filling, it is widely praised by doctors, and it will definitely bring a revolutionary impact on root canal filling.

It has been designed to provide both the Endodontist and General Practitioner with a variety of effective techniques and quality gutta percha materials that, when used as directed can assure a successful obturation. Fast and easy application results in an effective seal, guarding against secondary infection. 

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