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Twelve years ago, we began as a small factory that produce curing light. Today, we still produce curing light- as well as endo motor,handpiece and more. 

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About Us

Welcome to CICADA

Equipped with high standard R&D center and the latest precision equipment originated from Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Powerful manufacturing and global service network enable us advancing fast and steadily.

Safety and Quality are non-negotiables in the medical device industry.

All Types of Dental Equipment

CICADA will Provide You The Best Dental Equipment Solution

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Dental Curing Light

A dental curing light is important dental equipment that is used for the polymerization of light-cure resin-based composites.

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Dental Endodontic

Endodontics equipment available in our range of dental supplies from Cicada Medical Supplies in the China.

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Dental Air Turbines

An air turbine handpiece is a dental abrasive device that rotates at high speed and uses compressed air as the driving force.

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Clinic Micromotors

Dental micromotors are used in dentistry for the treatment of semihard dental tissues.

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Dental Composite Heater

Dental Composite Heater A composite heater designed for heating composite resin material improves the flow of its adhesive properties;

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Dental Loupes

CICADA’s Dental loupes with light combat common working posture issues, keeping you pain-free throughout your career.

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Dental Led Curing Light

LED curing lights are one of the most often used pieces of equipment in a dental operatory.

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Dental Surigical

Dental surgery is a part of dentistry, which is a branch of medicine dealing with teeth, gums, and the mouth.


When you’re looking to buy a new LED handpiece, price can be an important factor. That being the case, we understand the need for both value and affordability so we work with the industry’s leading, award-winning manufacturers in order to bring you the best handpiece high speed brands at a very good price. To help make sure our handpieces and products are even more affordable, we regularly run promotions on products like the dental handpieces that can be found within our catalogue.

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About Us

Why us?

As your partner in dental care, we provide you with quality products and supplies that enable you to do your job efficiently and achieve aesthetic results with confidence.

We understand that running a dental practice and caring for your patients is time-consuming, so why not let the team at CICADA Medical take the hard work out of buying your dental handpieces and accessories?

  • Over 10 years Dental manufacturing experience

  • Professional dental design and purchase guidance service

  • Creating reliable, superior and valuable dental solutions for dentists, clincin, and hospital etc.

  • Complete dental products line to ensure your dental project can be completed in one stop.

  • Multiple dental solutions for dentists, clincin, and hospital etc.

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The Most Popular Dental Products

Welcome to CICADA Medical we’re industry experts in providing high-quality dental supplies throughout China. We understand the importance of reliable and trustworthy equipment – so if you’re looking for a dental high speed handpiece with LED, you can guarantee that with our range of reputable handpiece brands including CDC, CICADA Medical can help. As an China family run business with over 13 years’ experience in the dental supplies’ industry, we work on behalf of our customers’ needs in order to source the best handpiece names available.

Need Help For Dental Equipment?

Our advisors are available to help with product requirements and answer any questions, please give us a call at +86-0757-85775667 to discuss your project.

Dental Equipment Buyer Guide

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Cicada still produce curing light- as well as endo motor, handpiece and more. 

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