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CICADA Medcial is one of the leading dental equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. dental equipment widely used for Dental clinics, laboratories, dentists and other focus on dental health areas.

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Dental Curing Light

A dental curing light is important dental equipment that is used for the polymerization of light-cure resin-based composites.

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Dental Endodontic

Endodontics equipment available in our range of dental supplies from Cicada Medical Supplies in the China.

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Dental Air Turbines

An air turbine handpiece is a dental abrasive device that rotates at high speed and uses compressed air as the driving force.

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Clinic Micromotors

Dental micromotors are used in dentistry for the treatment of semihard dental tissues.

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Dental Composite Heater

Dental Composite Heater A composite heater designed for heating composite resin material improves the flow of its adhesive properties;

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Dental Loupes

CICADA’s Dental loupes with light combat common working posture issues, keeping you pain-free throughout your career.

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Dental Led Curing Light

LED curing lights are one of the most often used pieces of equipment in a dental operatory.

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Dental Surigical

Dental surgery is a part of dentistry, which is a branch of medicine dealing with teeth, gums, and the mouth.

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Dental Equipment Suppliers in China

Best Dental Equipment Supplier With Better Price

At CICADA Medcial, we have the most complete offering of premium products from leading manufacturers. You can Rely on Us to have the products you need, when you need them — in stock and ready to ship the same day! For discount dental supplies, equipment and professional services, no one offers the selection and value you’ll find at CICADA Medcial, China’s leading dental supply company.

We also carry thousands of innovative, high-quality dental equipment and products for Endodontic, Oral Surgery, Orthodontic, Periodontic, Pediatric and Prosthodontic specialties.

Maximize the efficiency, profitability, and success of your dental practice with CICADA Medcial. We offer superior products and low formulary pricing backed by excellent customer service and an extensive suite of value-added dental services.

As a professional dental equipment manufacturer, CICADA Medcial has 13 years of experience in the dental industry, has a clear understanding of all the products and needs of dental clinics, and has our own dental chair production line and professional design team that can provide the best OEM/ODM dental solutions with good service and affordable prices. etc.

  • Independent research and development
  • Production of complete accessories
  • A comprehensive company
  • 13 years of manufacturing experience
  • Online support and after-sales technical service

Nobody makes superior dental equipment like the team at CICADA Dental Supplies, our vision is to be the number one dental equipment supplier in China.

For over 13 years we have designed, fabricated, and installed modern and reliable dental equipment and products for clinics of all shapes and sizes around the World.

Committed to providing our clients with a premium and professional service, tailored to their specific requirements, we offer our range of reliable-quality equipment at an affordable and competitive price.

As a reliable and reputable dental equipment supplier, Customers can trust and rely on our products to minimize downtime, and improve their customer service. Constructed from durable, stainless, and easy to sanitize materials, the range of dental equipment supplied by the team at CICADA Dental can help improve and modernize dental clinics across China.

Specializing in supplying dental units, dental stools, micromotors, amalgam separators, air compressors, suction units and much more, our skilled and experienced team strive to supply high-quality, industry-standard dental equipment at the lowest possible price.

Locally warehoused in Foshan . China, goods and spare parts are well stocked for fast delivery to facilitate a high level of support with minimal downtime for the customer. For more information about our premium and modern range of outstanding dental equipment, email us today on at CICADA Dental Supplies.

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CICADA Medcial is a leading dental equipment manufacturer and Suppliers. We have over 13 years experience in sales of dental equipment, and have succeeded in offering a full range of dental equipment, spare parts, dental supplies, and accessories for more than 30,000 dentists in the world.

Dental Equipment and Supplies Dental equipment and supplies consist of tools, instruments, and supplies used by dentists, dental hygienists, and laboratories. Specific products include dental hand instruments, plaster, drills, amalgams, cements, and other implements.

We are looking for Domestic and International resellers representatives. If you are interested in selling dental products, and know more information about wholesale dentale equipment in China, please send us an email at: .

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