Dental High Speed Hand-piece Led

Dental high-speed handpiece, one of the most commonly used instruments in dental clinics. Rundental has the high-speed handpieces with push button,LED, children mini head,fiber optic and so on.

Dental High Speed Hand-piece Led Online At Best Price In China

Dental High Speed LED handpiece is with high quality lighting, 30000 lux luminance, perfect and natural white light. The use life of LED light is 10 times longer than the traditional light. And Dental High speed LED handpiece will not be overheating.

Welcome to Dental Handpiece, we’re industry experts in providing high-quality dental supplies throughout China. We understand the importance of reliable and trustworthy equipment – so if you’re looking for high speed dental lab handpieces with LED, you can guarantee that with our range of reputable dental lab handpiece brands including NSK, Dental Handpiece can help. As an Chinese business with over 10 years’ experience in the dental supplies’ industry, we work on behalf of our customers’ needs in order to source the best dental lab handpiece names available.

We are proud to unveil our latest dentistry project. Highdent now offers high speed handpieces. These handpieces are guaranteed for 12 months and offer excellent quality for a large number of procedures. Our Highdent Fibre Optic high speed handpiece is the perfect combination of quality with the Kavo connection combined with the precision of the LED light. The ceramic bearings offer a smooth and stable procedure.

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High-Speed Dental Handpieces Dental handpieces that can clock up to 800,000 rpm is categorized as a high-speed or ultra-speed dental handpiece. This type of dental handpiece utilizes a water spray, which is located on the head of the device. This helps keep the motor cool during use and prevent the instrument from overheating.

We highly recommend you get attachments to your dental handpiece (whether air-turbine or electric) as this has become an industry standard for quite some time. We also suggest that you get optimal light attachments that incorporate LED lighting instead of halogen light bulbs.

On the other side of the coin is the electric handpiece. This type of dental handpiece is powered by an electrical supply and operates using a high-powered motor. Electric dental handpieces are also quite versatile and precise with how much power is used as called for during a specific procedure.

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