Dental Composite Heater

A composite heater designed for heating composite resin material improves the flow of its adhesive properties; At the same time, it can also be used to heat adhesive when used with manual equipment.

A composite heater uses the precision circuit control module to heat, and control the temperature tolerance within 1 degree, According to your choice of material and personal preference temperature can be set up to 40 degrees, 50 degrees, and 70 degrees.


At Cicada Medical, we’re proud to present our Dental Composite Heater, a state-of-the-art device designed to enhance the adhesive properties of composite resin material. This heater is an essential tool for dental professionals, offering precise temperature control and versatile functionality.

Key Features

Our Dental Composite Heater is packed with features that make it a standout addition to any dental practice:

  • Precision Temperature Control: The heater uses a precision circuit control module to heat and control the temperature within a 1-degree tolerance. You can set the temperature to 40, 50, or 70 degrees, depending on the material and your personal preference.
  • Versatile Use: While primarily designed for heating composite resin material, this heater can also be used to heat adhesive when used with manual equipment, making it a versatile tool for various dental procedures.
  • Easy Operation: Operating the heater is straightforward. Simply plug in the power adapter, place the heating body on a smooth desk, and use the on/off button to control the device. The temperature selection button allows you to choose the desired temperature, with indicator lights showing when the set temperature has been reached.
  • Safety Measures: The heater includes a fault warning system. If all three sets of indicator lights glisten together, it indicates a temperature sensor failure.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining the Dental Composite Heater is simple. All parts can be cleaned with a disinfectant dishcloth. However, remember not to immerse any parts in liquid or disinfect under high temperature and high pressure.

Technical Specifications

The Dental Composite Heater comes with a power adapter with an input of 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.8A Max and an output of 12V DC 2A. The device has a power rating of 24W and can be set to temperatures of 40±1℃, 50±1℃, or 70±1℃.

Composite Heater Consists:

1-heat the main body
2-power adapter
3-temperature indicator light
4-Turn on/off button
5-thermopreferendum button
6-power DC socket


1. Insert the plug of the power adapter DC heating main body of the DC socket, and then insert the power adapter into an electric outlet. then three temperature indicator lights are normally on at the same time;
2. Place the heating body on the smooth desk;
3. turn on/off the button, open the heating body, press the button once again, close the heating body, Boot the default temperature of the heating body is 40 degrees (closed heating body, three temperature indicator lights normally on at the same time);
4. According to the temperature selection button can choose what you need, the following detailed list of temperatures can be seen;
temperature indicator light color heating reaches the undefined temperature
40℃ white white LED glisten white LED light normally on
50℃ green green LED glisten green LED light normally on
70℃ red red LED glisten red LED light normally on
When the indicator light glistens from normally on, temperature has reached the undefined temperature;
5. use the resin composite material of syringe inserted into a slot in the heating body, or put into the user manual equipment
reach the undefined temperature;


a. the resin composite material must tight the lid of the syringe, prevent leakage of material within the heating body;
Clean and disinfect:
All the parts can be cleaned with a disinfectant dishcloth. Don’t put any parts immersed in any liquid cleaning and disinfection, don’t disinfect under high temperature and high pressure

Fault Warning:

3 sets of indicator light glisten together: Temperature sensor failure

Technical Specification:

Power adapter:
Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.8A Max
Output: 12V DC 2A
Power: 24W
Temperature setting: 40±1℃, 50±1℃, 70±1℃


Products Category Dental Composite Heater
Package Size 21*11*8.5cm
Package Gross Weight 1kg

Package Details

The package size for the Dental Composite Heater is 21118.5cm, and the gross weight is 1kg.

Why Choose Cicada Medical?

At Cicada Medical, we’re committed to providing high-quality dental equipment, including our Dental Composite Heater, Dental Endodontic, Led Curing Light, and more. We’re a trusted Dental Supply Distributor, and we strive to offer products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


The Dental Composite Heater from Cicada Medical is a versatile and reliable tool for any dental professional. With its precision temperature control and easy operation, it’s designed to enhance the effectiveness of composite resin material and other adhesives. So why wait? Enhance your dental practice today with Cicada Medical’s Dental Composite Heater.

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