High-Speed Accuracy: The Benefits of Cicada’s Dental Handpieces

Cicada Medical has a variety of high-speed dental handpieces that are made to make dental procedures more efficient and effective. A dental handpiece is a crucial tool in any dental practice, and having the right one can make all the difference in terms of speed, accuracy, and patient comfort.

What’s High Speed Dental Handpiece

A high-speed dental handpiece is a type of dental drill that is often used in dentistry to remove tooth decay and shape the surface of teeth during different procedures. It moves faster than a regular dental handpiece and is powered by either an air turbine or an electric motor. High-speed dental handpieces are good tools for dentists because they can remove tooth material quickly and effectively. They also come with special attachments for tasks like cutting and polishing, which makes them a useful tool in a dentist’s office.

There are two main types of high-speed dental handpieces available from Cicada Medical: air-driven and electric. Air-driven handpieces use compressed air to power the turbine, while electric handpieces use a motor to drive the bur. Both types are fast and accurate, but most people find that electric handpieces are more convenient and easier to use.

One of the key differences between the two types of handpieces is the noise level. Air-driven handpieces tend to be louder than electric handpieces, which can be a concern for some patients. But handpieces that are powered by air are usually lighter, which makes them easier to use during long procedures.

The benefits of using a high-speed dental handpiece from Cicada Medical include improved accuracy and speed, reduced patient discomfort, and increased efficiency in the dental practice. With a range of features, such as adjustable speed settings and ergonomic design, these handpieces provide a comfortable and efficient solution for any dental procedure.

Some of the most common applications for high-speed dental handpieces include preparing cavities for filling, removing tooth decay, shaping gums, and preparing teeth for crowns or bridges. These handpieces can be used on a variety of dental materials, including ceramic, metal, and composite.

The sale price range for Cicada Medical’s high-speed dental handpieces varies depending on the model and features, but typically ranges from $500 to $1000. Whether you are a dentist or a dental hygienist, investing in a high-quality dental handpiece is essential for providing the best care to your patients.

In conclusion, Cicada Medical’s high-speed dental handpieces provide a range of benefits for dental professionals and their patients. With a range of features and applications, there is a handpiece to suit the needs of any dental practice. Whether you opt for an air-driven or electric handpiece, you can be sure that you are investing in a quality product that will help you to provide the best care to your patients.


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