Dental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator CV/GX 45E-M4

  • Self-illuminated, natural LED light
  • Can be used without a fiber-optic system
  • Adapt to universal dental units (2-hole/4-hole)
  • Push-button cartridge Autoclavable


Model: CV/GX 45E-M4

Dental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator CV/GX 45E-M4 -dental-high-speed-handpieceDental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator CV/GX 45E-M4 -dental-high-speed-handpiece Dental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator CV/GX 45E-M4 -dental-high-speed-handpiece

At Cicada Medical, we’re proud to offer the Dental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator CV/GX 45E-M4, a revolutionary tool that’s transforming dental procedures. This handpiece is a game-changer in the dental industry, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and comfort.

Key Features

  • 45° Head Design: The 45° head design allows for optimal access and visibility, especially during surgical procedures. This feature is particularly beneficial for molar treatments and other procedures requiring a unique angle of approach.
  • High Speed: With a high-speed operation, this handpiece ensures quick and efficient procedures, reducing chair time and enhancing patient comfort.
  • E-generator: The built-in E-generator provides consistent, reliable power, eliminating the need for external light sources. This feature ensures excellent visibility, even in the deepest parts of the oral cavity.
  • LED Light: The integrated LED light offers bright, shadow-free illumination, enhancing visibility and accuracy during procedures.

Why Choose the Dental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator?

This handpiece is not just a tool; it’s a solution to many challenges faced by dentists today. Here’s why it’s a valuable addition to any dental practice:

  • Versatility: Whether you’re performing a routine cleaning or a complex surgical procedure, this handpiece is up to the task. Its unique 45° design and high-speed operation make it suitable for a wide range of dental procedures.
  • Efficiency: With its high-speed operation and built-in E-generator, this handpiece ensures efficient procedures, saving you time and effort.
  • Comfort: The ergonomic design of this handpiece reduces hand fatigue, allowing for comfortable use during long procedures. Plus, its high-speed operation and LED light enhance patient comfort by reducing procedure time and improving visibility.
  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, this handpiece is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy dental practice.


The Dental 45° High Speed Handpiece with E-generator CV/GX 45E-M4 is more than just a dental tool. It’s a solution designed to enhance efficiency, comfort, and outcomes in dental procedures. Whether you’re a seasoned dentist or a dental student, this handpiece is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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