Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP)

  • 1 sec for curing, go quicker than ever.
  • Constant power output, born for restoration.
  • Ergonomics design, optimize the hand-grip use.
  • 360 degree rotatable head, extend the possibility.


Technical Specification:

Light power 5W

Wavelength 430-485nm

Light intensity 12000mW/cm2-1600mW/cm2

Battery Li-on

Battery capacity 1100mAh

Input voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.4A Max

Output voltage DC 5V/1.5A

Net Weight 190g

Material stainless steel

Dimensions 22×15.5x9cm


Model CV-215 GUN(MHP)
Light power 5W
Wavelength 440-480nm
Battery Li-on
Battery capacity 1100mAh
Dimensions 22*15.5*9cm
Color White/ Purple



Structure and Components:

Main unit of curing light 1pc

Charger base 1pc

Power adapter 1pc

Shading sheet 1pc

Isolation sleeve 1pc

Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) -curing-light Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) -curing-light Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) -curing-light Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) -curing-light

Cicada Medical’s Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) is a powerful and versatile dental instrument designed to provide quick, efficient, and reliable curing of dental materials. This device utilizes advanced LED technology to cure resin-based composites, adhesives, and sealants.

The Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) is available in various types and configurations to suit different dental needs. It has a high power output of up to 3000 mW/cm², making it one of the most powerful curing lights available in the market. The device also has a unique gun-shaped design, making it easy to handle and operate.

One of the key benefits of using the CV-215 GUN (MHP) is its high power output, which allows for fast and efficient curing of dental materials. Its advanced LED technology provides a more reliable and durable restoration for patients. The device is also easy to hold because it is shaped like a gun, which keeps your hands from getting tired.

The Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) has a wide range of applications in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. It can be used to cure a variety of dental materials, including composites, adhesives and sealants, making it a versatile tool in any dental practice.

The price range of the CV-215 GUN (MHP) varies depending on the type and configuration, with prices typically ranging from $350 to $550. While it is a more expensive investment than other curing lights, the high power output and unique design make it a valuable addition to any dental practice.

Compared to other dental curing lights, the CV-215 GUN (MHP) stands out due to its high power output, unique gun-shaped design, and advanced LED technology. The device is made to be as effective and reliable as possible, making it an important tool for any cosmetic or restorative dental procedure.

In short, Cicada Medical’s Dental LED Curing Light CV-215 GUN (MHP) is a powerful and flexible tool for any dentist who wants to make their restorative and cosmetic dental procedures more efficient and reliable. With its high power output, unique design, and various types and configurations, the CV-215 GUN (MHP) is a reliable and efficient tool for dental professionals.

Cicada Medical is a well-known provider of high-quality dental equipment, and its Cicada Light Cure product line is one of its most popular offerings. The Cicada Light Cure line includes a variety of products, including the Cicada Gun, the Light Cure Gun, and the Dental LED.

The Cicada Gun is a state-of-the-art light curing tool that is designed to provide fast and effective curing of dental materials. It has a strong LED light source that can cure resins, composites, and other dental materials quickly and well. The Light Cure Gun is another option that offers a more traditional design, with a trigger-activated LED light source.

One of the benefits of the Cicada Light Cure line is its versatility. For example, the Dental LED can be used for many different tasks, such as bonding, filling, and sealing. The Cicada Gun and the Light Cure Gun are ideal for use in endodontic procedures and orthodontic procedures, as well as general dentistry.

Another advantage of the Cicada Light Cure line is its ease of use. The MHP Dental 215 Shooting is a simple, straightforward device that is easy to use, even for dentists who are new to light cure technology. The CY Dental 215 Gun is another example of a device that is easy to use and gives you precise control and a good grip.

In terms of price, the Cicada Light Cure line is competitively priced, with a sale price range that is in line with other high-quality dental equipment. The exact price will depend on the specific model and features you choose, but you can expect to pay between $200 and $500.

In conclusion, the Cicada Light Cure line gives dentists a variety of ways to cure dental materials quickly and effectively. Whether you prefer a traditional design or a state-of-the-art tool, there is a Cicada Light Cure product that is right for you.


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