Dental Plugger CV-DP 01

  • It can effectively prevent overfilling during the filling process
  • It can prevent to use of large force during the filling process when the diameter of the apical stenosis is not determined well.
  • Innovative concept, unique design, positioning design, and adjustable thread scale.
  • Integral forming, and surface polishing, have excellent sterilization effects.
  • Strong oxidation resistance and durability.


Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 -dental-plugger Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 -dental-plugger Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 -dental-plugger Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 -dental-plugger

The Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 is a cutting-edge dental instrument designed to transform the way dental professionals approach endodontic procedures. With a focus on innovation and quality, Cicada Medical has crafted this tool to meet the diverse needs of modern dentistry. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this remarkable product.

Key Features and Uses

Plugger Dental Use and Endo Applications

  • Packing and Condensing: The Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 serves to place the guttapercha in the root canal, a step prior to condensing the same, or reduce its size in a way that completely and permanently seals the endodontic tooth. Explore more about Dental Endodontic products.
  • Amalgam Pressing: Ideal for pressing amalgam, composite, or gold foil into a tooth cavity.
  • Innovative Design: Unique positioning design, adjustable thread scale, integral forming, and surface polishing ensure excellent sterilization effects.
  • Durability: Strong oxidation resistance ensures long-lasting performance.

Condenser Dental and Other Functions

  • Versatility: This tool is not just a plugger; it’s also a condenser, spreader, and burnisher. Discover more Dental Plugger options.
  • Types of Condenser in Dentistry: Suitable for various types of condensers in dentistry, enhancing its utility.
  • Prevention: Effectively prevents overfilling during the filling process and the use of large force when the diameter of the apical stenosis is not determined well.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Professional Quality: Crafted with expertise, the Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 meets the high standards of Cicada Medical’s Dental Equipment.
  • Ease of Use: The ergonomic design ensures comfort and efficiency for dental professionals.
  • Affordability: Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Cicada Medical offers this product at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

Conclusion: A Must-Have for Dental Professionals

The Dental Plugger CV-DP 01 by Cicada Medical is more than just a dental instrument; it’s a versatile tool that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of dental procedures. With its innovative design and multiple functionalities, it’s a must-have for dental professionals seeking to provide top-notch care.

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Phew! That’s a lot of innovation in one tool. Don’t miss out on the Dental Plugger CV-DP 01. Get yours today!


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